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Christiaan Rees, BS (MD-PhD), PhD

QBS Mentor: Jane Hill, PhD

Education: University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth - Biology

Thesis Title: Metabolic fingerprinting of Gram-negative pathogen groups with a focus on the identification of carbapenemase-producing Enterobacteriaceae

Overview of research or research Interests:

Answer: "My research has involved the analysis of microbially-derived metabolites, with the goal of identifying biomarker suites that could be used in the diagnosis and monitoring of a variety of infectious diseases, including sepsis and pneumonia. My particular focus has been on the identification of biomarkers capable of identifying specific patterns of antibiotic resistance in Gram-negative pathogens."

Why QBS & Dartmouth?

Answer: "I originally decided to come to Dartmouth because of the collegial and inviting environment that I experienced during my interview for the MD program at Geisel. I chose to join the QBS program for my PhD because I believed that it would provide me with a skill set with utility across a wide range of disciplines, and with applications in both clinical and translational research."

What are your career goals?

Answer: "My career goal is to become a physician-scientist, taking part in the care of patients while also being actively involved in biomedical research. I think that the skills that I have acquired during my time in the QBS program will be most useful in the analysis and interpretation of complex patient data. With the amount of health data obtained daily between laboratory results, imaging, and biometric data, it is critical that researchers have the skills necessary to appropriately analyze 'big data', and I think that the QBS program stands out in its ability to provide students with those skills."


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