MS Students

2018: Incoming Cohort


Epidemiology Students

Enat Arega, BA

Education: Dartmouth College (4+1 Program)

I am interested in using my epidemiology training to better understand population health and would like to work to improve the quality of personalized medicine of chronic diseases.  In my free time, I enjoy exercising, reading, admiring art, and spending time with my friends and family.

Despina Karalis, BS

Education: Dartmouth College (4+1 Program)

I am interested in studying and conducting research in sexual health and violence, specifically in women's and maternal health, through the lenses of epidemiology, genetics, and biostatistics. I am especially interested in understanding the spread of STIs within communities, how environment affects the onset of puberty and further development for young girls, and the risks and epigenetic changes pregnancies pose to the women and children in vulnerable communities. As a Greek immigrant, I want to serve underserved or immigrant communities.

I was born in Athens, Greece, and moved to the United States in 2008. Since then, my dream has been to help people through becoming a doctor and conducting my own research and, one day, acquire a cat. I am on the path to accomplishing those things and couldn't be happier or feel luckier.


Health Data Science Students


Kwadwo Amoako

Education: Kwame Nkrumah University of Science - BS Mathematics

With a background in mathematics and experience in research, I am passionate about using computational tools to solve scientific problems relating to the real world. I seek to take advantage of the cross-training that QBS offers to enhance my skills and  to generate data driven solutions by employing critical thinking and analytics to derive knowledge from Big Data.

Maximilian Bluestone

Education:  University of Chicago - BA Psychology

My research interests include decoding neural activity to understand the mechanisms of human cognition, specifically in the fields of memory and mental health research. Additionally, I am interested in the analysis of data extracted from mobile devices to develop data-driven techniques to study, diagnose, and prevent mental disorders. Outside of research, I enjoy all things related to nature (e.g., hiking, skiing, kayaking) and watching old and new movies.

Yuelin Chen

Education: Central South University - BS Biology

I am excited about the idea of utilizing statistical methods and computational techniques to solve real-world problems, particularly in the field of human health. At the end of the day, I hope my work could make a difference to the medical community. In my spare time, I enjoy outdoor activities (really looking forward to skiing in Dartmouth Skiway), reading and spending time with my friends and family.

Huaibin Ge

Education:  Tianjin University - BS Pharmaceutical Sciences

I am very happy to join the QBS program and I believe I will have a good memory in Dartmouth. I like sports, especially tennis. Hope to find friends who have the same interest. And I am interested in using biostatistics to help patients to cure their disease. Hope to pay my efforts to release patients suffering.

Achi Gerutshang

Education: Mount Holyoke College - BS Neuroscience


Christian Haudenschild

Education: New York University - BS Biology

I am interested in the use of computational methods with large sets of clinical data, particularly in the fields of immunology and infectious disease. I hope to apply the big data and biostatistics skills I’ll obtain in the QBS program in order to create something that can ultimately be used in clinical practice. In my free time, I’m an avid rock climber, and I’m looking forward to experiencing all the beautiful climbing locales that Dartmouth and the Northeast have to offer.

Clarisse Lau

Education: University of Washington - BS Microbiology, Economics, Applied Mathematics

I am interested in utilizing statistical and computational methods to better understand genetic data for use in developing personalized treatments. I hope to take advantage of the interdisciplinary training offered by the QBS program to learn and apply data analysis and statistical techniques to biomedical problems

Jorge Lima

Education: U. Federal de Minas Gerais - Diplome, Statistics; MD, Medicine

My interests revolve around the intersection of clinical practice, computer science and applied statistics. More specifically, that would manifest in subjects such as: clinical epidemiology, survival analysis, optimization of hospital processes, automated detection of abuse and fraud in health insurance, risk adjustment, clustering algorithms and quality ranking of healthcare providers.

Outside of the quantitative field, Emergency Medicine, Disaster Response and Search and Rescue operations also spark my interest. . My overall objective is to use Data Science to make Healthcare safer and more affordable.

Justin Lin

Education: University of California, Riverside - BS Statistics

I am interested in the statistical analysis and modeling of pharmaceutical research, specifically in drug design and clinical trials. In this program, I am looking forward to learning data analysis and machine learning techniques to help solve health and mental problems.

Boran Lu

Education: University of California, Davis - BS Mathematics

I’m Boran Lu and from China. My scientific interests include data analysis as well as statistical modelling since we are stepping into a fast-developing Big data era. The QBS program would make me more competitive because of the interdisciplinary courses. I’m good at writing Chinese calligraphy and looking forward to study in Dartmouth and to live in New Hampshire.

Lauren McDonnell

Education: University of California, LA - B.Economics Economics

I was born and raised in Northern California and currently live in San Francisco. I have spent the past few years volunteering for Engineers Without Borders on clean water initiatives and working as a software developer. Most-recently I lived in Central America for a few months where I worked on a clean water project in Panama. In my free time I enjoy hiking, swimming, traveling, doing crossword puzzles, going to the farmer's market, and cooking delicious meals. As for my academic interests, I am passionate about global health, as well as autoimmune diseases, both of which I hope to explore in graduate school. I am very excited to be a student at Dartmouth next year! 🙂

Matthew Nemesure

Education:  SUNY - Binghamton - BS Neuroscience

Before Dartmouth, I graduated with a degree in integrative neuroscience from Binghamton University. My research interests involve utilizing statistical and programming methods to help drive biological research. As technology continues to advance and produce increasingly sophisticated data, it is pivotal that we understand the most beneficial way for it to be analyzed, represented and interpreted.

Thomas Schwedhelm

Education:  University of Nevada - BS Chemistry

As a resident physician, I have seen the medical community in detail with all the positives and negatives involved.  Throughout my research, I have noted the incredible need for analytical data skills in every project.  Part of my research interests include machine learning in radiologic image analysis.  Artificial intelligence is on the forefront of radiologic research and I hope to be a part of this incredible opportunity.  From assisting radiologists and emergency physicians to diagnosing mortal injuries to improving the diagnosis of injury in developing countries, I hope to make a meaningful difference for the medical community and my patients.

Deepanshi Shokeen

Education: University of Delhi - BA Economics

My research interest lies in leveraging big data and biostatistics tools to comprehend diseases such as Cancer, PCOS, and Alzheimer. I have always been fascinated by cognitive neuroscience and want to utilize the data to reveal chronic neurological state which would hopefully further enable me to personally engage with its prediction and prognosis through imaging and genomics technology.  I am also particularly interested in employing data science to custom tailor a treatment plan that can lead to improved results for patients.

I enjoy nothing more than painting beautiful landscapes and sketching portraits. I am fascinated with numerology prediction and during my free time, I love to crunch numbers to prophesize a person’s future. I am usually found curling up with fiction books, especially fantasy or thriller novels. I am passionate about making a positive impact in the community and have worked in diverse nongovernment organizations

Darshan Sundaram

Education:  McMaster University - B.Engineering Materials Science and Engineering

Stemming from President Obama’s State of the Union Address in 2015, the field of Precision Medicine has taken a giant leap forward. Taking into account the genetic variability between patients, and applying the tools of data science on patient-specific records can result in highly sophisticated treatments. I hope to be part of this movement that looks toward evidence based predictive analysis to draw inferences.

My interests include but are not limited to, hypothesis testing, predictive modelling, multivariate data analysis (neural networks), and clustering. I wish to equip myself, through QBS, with the analytical and business skills that can leverage data into actionable insights and satisfy stakeholder interests.

Outside of the classroom, you can catch me on the basketball court attempting my best impression of a Kobe Bryant fadeaway or navigating the trails of Dartmouth with my drone.

Weiyi Wu

Education: Hainan University - B.Economics - Statistics

I am enchanted by data science on the grounds that data science is a great tool to solve many practical problems. In modern society, the general public tends to attach greater importance to their health status and massive health and genetic data are available for analyzing people so I want to analyze health data to reduce healthcare costs and assist doctors in diagnosing. Through study in QBS program, I hope to acquire more knowledge about data science and biostatistics. I enjoy taking landscape photos in my spare time because photography is a great way to record the beauty around us.

Kun Yuan

Education:  Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute - B. Engineering Electrical Engineering

The scientific interest is on Data analysis on medical or financial and optimization, clinical treatment and medicine and Biology specifically on ecology, ecosystem.
Personal interest in soccer, basketball,tennis, swimming and pool. like to concentrate on one thing.

Mengdan Zhu

Education: Fudan University - BS Pharmaceutical Sciences