The Dartmouth QBS community is at the forefront of creating solutions to previously unsolved problems. They exhibit academic excellence and tenacity, innovating across disciplines to develop the most effective outcomes. Read more below about events and people in the QBS community.

QBS PhD Candidate Ze Zhang, has been awarded a 2022 Neukom Prize for Outstanding Graduate Research in Computational Science.  Ze is a member of the Salas Lab working with his mentor Lucas Salas, MD, PhD, MPH on his innovative tumor cell project.  Read more here
Britt Goods, PhD, an assistant professor of engineering and QBS faculty member, participated in a new analysis which shows how milk-producing cells change over time in nursing mothers while a post-doc at MIT.
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Dartmouth Study Reveals Flaws in Statistical Modeling Approach Used in Health Services Research
Findings from a new study conducted jointly at Dartmouth’s Geisel School of Medicine and Harvard Medical School, and published in Health Services Research, highlight the statistical drawbacks of one form of analysis commonly used in health services research while demonstrating the benefits of another. Read more here
QBS MD-PhD students doing great things!  QBS student MD-PhD students Yasmin Kamal MD-PhD '22 and Marek Svoboda, MD-PhD ' 24 are lead authors on the paper: “Science Scholars Curriculum: Integrating Scientific Research into Undergraduate Medical Education through a Comprehensive Student-Led Preclinical Elective,” published in MedEdPORTAL. Together, Kamal and Svoboda worked to help create a unique curriculum in the Geisel Medical School to expose future physicians to scientific research who are interested in becoming physician-scientists.  Read more here