QBS Masters

It is the long-standing policy of Dartmouth College to actively support equality of opportunity for all persons regardless of race or ethnic background, and no student will be denied admission or be otherwise discriminated against because of race, color, gender, religion, age, national or ethnic origin. There is no quota for the number of international students we enroll each year. Education at Dartmouth thrives in a unique rural community of students and faculty who value differences and promote camaraderie and teamwork in order to learn from one another. The QBS Program strongly encourages applications from students of diverse backgrounds and cultures. The varied experience and interests they bring strengthen the Program and enriches the educational environment for all. A number of opportunities are also available for minority students through various programs and the office of the Director of Graduate Recruiting and Diversity in the Graduate Studies Office at Dartmouth College.

Admissions Information

  • The QBS Internal Masters degree option is initially offered to PhD students at Dartmouth who are enrolled in a program separate from QBS who have permission from their advisor and their program.
  • Interested students will need to submit to the QBS administration a signed letter of approval from their advisor indicating they acknowledge the course load and grant permission to pursue the Masters degree. They will also need to validate with the QBS administration that their program approves.
  • Applications are submitted online through the Dartmouth application system, however students are not required to resubmit transcripts from other institutes or test scores. Students must apply to the Masters according to the QBS PhD application cycle deadline.

Degree Requirements

Students applying to the QBS Masters program may begin to fulfill degree requirements prior to being accepted and will also receive credit for any required course that they have received a Pass or higher in. They must notify the QBS Administration, their program, and advisor that they intend to pursue the internal Masters should they wish to take more than 3 QBS core courses.

The requirements for the internal QBS Masters degree:

  • Foundations of Bioinformatics I: QBS 146
  • One of either of the following:
    • Foundations of Bioinformatics II: QBS 175
    • Machine Learning: QBS 108
    • Advanced Methods in Health Services Research: QBS 139
    • Decision and Cost Effective Analysis: QBS 140
  • Foundations of Biostatistics I: QBS 120 or Applied Biostatistics: QBS 119 
  • Foundations of Biostatistics II: QBS 121
  • Foundations of Epidemiology I: QBS 130
  • Foundations of Epidemiology II: QBS 131
  • One Additional Approved QBS Elective