Internal QBS Master’s program

The internal QBS Master’s degree option is offered to PhD students at Dartmouth who are enrolled in a program other than QBS who have permission from their advisor and program, and to QBS PhD students in good standing who do not successfully advance to PhD candidacy or wish to leave the program under reviewed circumstances.

Interested students should submit to the QBS Director and administration a signed letter of approval from their advisor indicating they acknowledge the course load and grant permission to pursue the degree. They also need to ensure that approval from their PhD program is communicated to QBS administration either by their program director or administration. Applications to the QBS Master’s program should be submitted online through the Dartmouth application system and must meet published deadlines for submission. Students are not required to resubmit transcripts from other institutes or test scores.

Students applying to the internal QBS Master’s program may begin to fulfill degree requirements prior to being accepted and will receive credit for any required course with a grade of Pass or higher. They must notify the QBS administration, their program, and advisor that they intend to pursue the internal MS should they wish to take more than three QBS courses.

The requirements for the internal MS degree in Quantitative Biomedical Sciences are listed below.

Satisfactory completion of the six core course requirements:

One additional approved QBS elective is also required that will not count towards PhD elective requirements.