5.1   The Council shall have the following officers: Chair, Vice-Chair, and Secretary.

5.2   Officers shall serve for a term of three years. Officers will be elected at the May meeting of the Council and elected officers will begin their terms in July. Election shall be by a majority of voting members present. The Council may make regulations concerning nominations of Officers.

5.3   At the end of his or her term, the Chair shall remain as a non-voting ex officio Member of the Council for a period of one year.

5.4   A Steering Committee shall consist of the Officers, the past Chair of the Faculty Council [during the one-year ex officio period], and at least two ad hoc members. The Council shall fill any mid-term vacancy among the Officers or Steering Committee at the next Regular Session, in accordance with the nominating regulations.

5.5   Duties of Officers:

  1. The Chair shall be the Representative of the Faculty Council to the Dean’s Academic Board (DAB). If the Chair is not able to attend, a member of the Steering Committee shall attend.
  2. The Chair presides at meetings; may call special meetings of the Council; may, after consultation with Council and faculty members, appoint and charge committees of the Faculty Council; may serve as an ex officio member of the committees of the Council, and shall perform other appropriate duties as determined by the Council.
  3. The Vice-Chair shall perform the duties of the Chair in the Chair’s absence, may serve as an ex officio member of Committees of the Council and such other appropriate duties determined by the Council.
  4. The Secretary shall record the minutes of the meeting for review and modifications by the Chair. The modified minutes will be circulated to the Faculty Council for comments, revisions and suggestions. The final minutes of the Faculty Council shall generally be distributed to the full faculty for their information.
  5. The Steering Committee shall prepare the agenda for each session of the Council. All Council members shall have the capacity to introduce items to the agenda, by contacting either a member of the Steering Committee or the Administrative Coordinator assigned to the Council. Agenda items submitted by Council members shall be addressed by the Council within two meetings from the time of submission.