Election and Tenure

4.1     Members and alternates shall be elected by the Faculty of their respective department or constituency for a term of three years at the completion of a past member's term. The Chair of Faculty Council shall track and inform members in advance of completing their term. A second three year term is allowed by valid election (see 4.7).

4.2     No member shall serve more than two three-year terms (total of 6 years) without an intervening period of at least two years. The community preceptor and VA representatives shall serve for three years, and will be elected by the community preceptors and the faculty at the VA, respectively.

4.3     The Council shall elect one member as Chair and an alternate to serve as Vice Chair to run meetings if the chair cannot be present.

4.4     An administrator shall be selected by the Chair to facilitate the meetings, to distribute minutes and agendas and perform other functions in support of the Faculty Council. The financial support for the administrative coordinator shall be provided by the central administration for an appropriate fractional FTE.

4.5     If a Member is elected as Chair or alternate Chair of the Council, membership on the Council may be extended for enough years to allow fulfillment of the term as an officer.

4.6     If a member is unable to complete his/her term, a replacement will be elected by the department, the community preceptors, or the VA. This will be for a three-year term.

4.7     Valid election of a representative to the Faculty Council by a department or constituency shall be by a majority of the votes of the participating eligible constituency (voting members of the Faculty of the Geisel School of Medicine) in a written or electronic ballot or at an election meeting in which votes are tabulated.

4.8     If a Council member is unable to attend to the duties of office, including regular attendance at meetings, the Council may determine that a vacancy exists. Absence from three consecutive meetings within an academic year and without explanation or substitution will be sufficient reason for establishing a vacancy.

4.9     The Council shall resolve and decide any issues that arise regarding the conduct of elections by a constituency.