Candidates must apply for admission to each school separately. Admission to one school does not guarantee admission to the other.

Applicants to the MD-MBA program need to be enrolled students in good standing at the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth.  Students then initiate an application to Tuck during their second year of medical school for the Tuck January admission.  Candidates for the MD-MBA program apply directly to Tuck.  A GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test®) or GRE (Graduate Record Examinations® General Test) score is required for the Tuck application.

There are no specific prerequisite courses for admission to the Tuck School. However, undergraduate courses that are highly contributory to preparation for graduate business school might include a two-course sequence each in economics and college mathematics and a course each in finance and computing.

Although most Tuck students have some management background before they enroll, this is not a prerequisite for admission to the MD-MBA. The applicant must however show clear evidence of the ability to understand group dynamics and the capacity to function as a member of a team. Both schools require a high level of maturity, responsibility, and commitment to a career involving both disciplines, with an understanding of the issues and challenges in both fields.

As the program is seen as an honors program, students need to be in good academic standing at Geisel having passed all of their course work at Geisel to date.

The MD-MBA program matriculates up to 6 students per year and is typically completed in five years, or five years plus a portion of year six.