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Grads 2018
Yun Li, Xing Li, Bianca Williams, David Whitehead, Lars Matkin, Alana O’Brien, Shawn Li, Cait Hopeman, TingJia Lorigiano


"The MD-MBA program has nurtured my intellectual, academic, and professional development. I have gained not only skills but insight on the breadth of healthcare, the many ways to care for patients, and the best way that I can do so."

~Alana O’Brien, MD-MBA Candidate, class of 2018

"At the core, we are all problem solvers. The MD-MBA program prepared me with the right tools to tackle the complex issues in our healthcare system today. I have the confidence to take the learnings from my clinical training and translate them into healthcare delivery solutions for my patients and my community."

~Shawn Li, MD-MBA Candidate, class of 2018