Ahra Cho, David Whitehead, Silas Wong, Caitlin Hopeman, Tolulope Kehinde, Andrew Park, Nayrana Griffith, Brendin Beaulieu-Jones, Ana Villa-Rodriguez


“I decided to pursue a joint M.D./M.B.A. degree in order to learn the managerial and operational skills to become a highly competent physician leader. I am interested in health-care systems and health-care delivery with particular attention to underserved populations. Our health-care system is complex and constantly evolving and I believe a joint degree will equip me with the necessary knowledge and skill set to create effective change.”

~Nayrana Griffith, MD-MBA Candidate, class of 2019

"I plan to pursue a career in clinical medicine, healthcare delivery reform, and system management. In the U.S., healthcare delivery is ineffective. I strive to change that reality—to advance access to vulnerable populations, to improve outcomes and to create a sustainable financial model. For reform to be realized, pioneers must be at the frontline. An MBA is the practical application of my interest in improving healthcare delivery; in conjunction with my medical degree, it will position me to close the gap between delivery research and clinical practice. Moreover, the dual-degree will equip me with broader leadership, management and communication skills, positioning me to be a more effective team member and a greater force in improving healthcare."

~Brendin Beaulieu-Jones, MD-MBA Candidate, class of 2019

"I chose to complete the MD MBA program because I wanted an education that would give me tools to address clinical and non-clinical problems in healthcare. Specifically, the MD MBA has helped me to think critically about my future career options in medicine and where I will be able to make the greatest impact. As a pediatrician, the skills I am learning in this program will help me to take both a clinical and a business approach toward achieving in my goal of improving the health of our children today to lessen the total burden of disease of adults in the future."

~Caitlin Hopeman, MD-MBA Candidate, class of 2019

"Healthcare has a lot of problems, and there will be a unique role for those who both understand the concerns of providers and patients, and the managerial skills needed to create a sustainable high-quality enterprise. My eyes are set on the future of healthcare and science, and I intend to be a part of ushering in improvements to make healthcare work better for both providers and patients."

~Andrew Park, MD-MBA Candidate, class of 2019

"The healthcare ecosystem is becoming increasingly complex. By learning to speak the languages of both medicine and business, I am able to interact with, and contribute more holistically to, the health system I am a participant in."

~Tolulope Kehinde, MD-MBA Candidate, class of 2019

"In this program, I have joined an incredible community of passionate peers, physician leaders and industry experts who expand my understanding of what it means to be an effective leader and change-maker within healthcare. I am challenged not only to consider the structural and operational challenges inherent in today’s healthcare system but also to develop solutions."

~Ana Rodriguez-Villa, MD-MBA Candidate, class of 2019

"The MD-MBA program at Dartmouth is a special opportunity to prepare future leaders to tackle the toughest problems in healthcare. The faculty experts serve as fantastic mentors and a team of passionate colleagues work together to make sense of a complex medical system and promote innovative solutions to shape the future of healthcare."

~Silas Wong, MD-MBA Candidate, class of 2019