Class of 2020:

"My interest in the MD-MBA stems from a desire to identify private sector opportunities that address healthcare affordability in the US and in the developing world, with a concentration in sub-Saharan Africa. I am particularly interested in how access to capital and healthcare investing can address resource deprivation and cost, and plan to use my time in business school to explore impact investing and healthcare ventures in emerging markets. Finding multidisciplinary ways to tackle some of the most complex challenges of healthcare is the most valuable skillset I can acquire from the dual degree.”

~Ijele Adimora, MD-MBA

"The MBA is valuable because it gives me a new perspective and a new skillset to address many of the problems we encounter in medicine. How do provide greater access to care? How do we ensure that patients get the best care possible? How do we find new cures and new treatments to diseases we don’t understand? There are many ways to answer these questions, and the training we get at Tuck gives us the tools with which to attack these problems in new and innovative ways."

~Drew Blake, MD-MBA

~Jessica Charles, MD-MBA

"I’ve always been interested in understanding just how health care works – not just in the delivery space, but in the operations, strategy, financial, and accounting space as well. I knew that with an MD/MBA from Geisel/Tuck, I could gain that insight into the health care space I wanted to. It’s only been a year into the program but I’m learning all of that and much more!"

~Ahra Cho, MD-MBA

"In order to become a future physician leader it is paramount to acquire core clinical knowledge and to understand management/business side of the healthcare. At the medical school we learn how to become great physicians while at Tuck we learn how to approach and work through challenges that may arise. I am looking forward to have an opportunity to use both sets of skills for the betterment of my patients."

~Petar Golijanin, MD-MBA

"My interest in pursuing an MBA during medical stems from my work as an Epic Project Manager/Consultant both before and during medical school. I plan to build on my work experience with an MBA general management toolkit that will help me diagnose and address the business issues healthcare faces, as there will be a constant need to redefine healthcare delivery. My experience at Tuck has exposed me to new opportunities and aspects of healthcare that I have not yet considered, giving me a broader perspective to the business of medicine. Speaking with alumni of the program has been particularly reassuring in that each alum has seemed to pave their own way within their specialty or business niche. I hope to create my own path within health IT in order to bring us closer to utilizing technology and health data effectively to provide quality, efficient care."

~David Leander, MD-MBA

~Josh Ramos, MD-MBA