Ikechukwu Amakiri

“The leaders of tomorrow in healthcare will combine the patient-centered thinking of most healthcare providers with the economic and financial prowess of management staff to create practical solutions to complex problems. Obtaining an MD-MBA is imperative to my career in medicine because it will allow me to learn hard skills in business while gaining knowledge into healthcare’s complex operating model.”

~Ikechukwu Amakiri, Candidate, Class of 2021

Kinan Bachour

~Kinan Bachour, Candidate, Class of 2021

Kathy Cazares

~Kathy Cazares, MD-MBA Candidate, Class of 2021

Louisa Chen

“I am pursuing an MD-MBA to understand not only the clinical but also the large scale strategic and organizational needs underpinning our increasingly complex medical system. Unifying the perspectives and skillsets gained from both degrees will allow me to create systemic change and implement the highest quality patient-centered care. I ultimately aim to mitigate inequitable determinants of health and increase access to healthcare for underserved communities.”

~Louisa Chen, MD-MBA Candidate, Class of 2021

Diana Funk

“Healthcare relentlessly becomes more complex, with more data, more providers, and more technology. My goal is to learn ways to make the healthcare system work better for both providers and patients. An MBA from Tuck will prepare me and my classmates to find solutions to these problems and implement them wherever we practice.”

~Diana Funk, MD-MBA Candidate, Class of 2021

Petar Golijanin

“In order to become a future physician leader it is paramount to acquire core clinical knowledge and to understand management/business side of the healthcare. At the medical school, we learn how to become great physicians while at Tuck we learn how to approach and work through challenges that may arise. I am looking forward to having an opportunity to use both sets of skills for the betterment of my patients.”

~Petar Golijanin, MD-MBA

Travis McCain

~Travis McCain, MD-MBA Candidate, Class of 2021

Rui Zhang

“I am pursuing the MD-MBA degree for three reasons: data, team, and leadership. On data: Healthcare is and always will be swamped with complex information. I want to gain quantitative skills to derive meaning from data to ultimately make better clinical decisions. On team: Healthcare is delivered by teams of diverse individuals from wide-ranging personal, cultural, and professional backgrounds. I want to learn relevant people skills to maximize the effectiveness of teamwork. On leadership: Healthcare is a wonderful field spearheaded by leaders from all levels. I want to develop leadership skills ranging from self-awareness to group-motivation to better serve my colleagues and my future patients.”

~Rui Zhang, Candidate, Class of 2021