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Hilary A. Llewellyn-Thomas, PhD

Emeritus Professor of The Dartmouth Institute
Professor of Community and Family Medicine

The Dartmouth Institute
Community and Family Medicine

B.SC., M.SC., Ph.D.

Center for Shared Decision Making
Norris Cotton Cancer Center
The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice


Contact Information

TDI, Dartmouth Medical School
35 Centerra Parkway (HB 7251)
Suite 300
Lebanon NH 03755

Office: Room 3024
Phone: 603-653-0866

Assistant: Lee Marquay
Asst. Phone: 603-653-0867
Asst. Email:

Professional Interests

Dr. Llewellyn-Thomas is a research methodologist in the field of patients' decision making.

From a fundamental perspective, her work focuses on the measurement of patients' preferences for:
* Different experienced and anticipated health states;
* Different decision making roles in screening, preventive, diagnostic, treatment, clinical trial entry, and end-of-life situations;
* Different time periods involved in waiting for, undergoing, and recovering from treatment, as well as long-term survival time;
* Different elective therapeutic protocols, given their inherent risks, benefits, and costs.

From an applied perspective, her work focuses on the effectiveness of different "decision support" interventions designed to foster informed, preference-based patient choice, particularly in close-call situations that generate considerable decisional distress in patients, their families, and their health care providers.

The research methods course that she teaches at TDI ("Studying Patients' Decisions") is built on this research background.

Dr. Llewellyn-Thomas has served as President of the Society for Medical Decision Making (SMDM), and in 2004 was the recipient of SMDM's The John M. Eisenberg Award in Recognition of Exemplary Leadership in Practical Application of Medical Decision Making Research.

Dr. Llewellyn-Thomas publishes extensively in the methodological literature about health care decision making.

Grant Information

Current Grants:

Principal Investigator. “Shared Decision Making: The Dartmouth Project.” The Foundation for Informed Medical Decision Making.

Principal Investigator. “An Innovative Design Strategy for Studying Shared Decision Making in Diverse Orthopaedic Patient Populations.” The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Principal Investigator. “The Dartmouth Institute’s 2008-2010 Summer Institutes In Informed Patient Choice (SIIPC)”. The Agency for Health Care Research and Quality.

2006-11 Co-Investigator (with C. Beck (PI), P. Parkin, C. Birken, V. Blanchette, K. Boydell). "Treatment choices for children with typical acute immune thrombocytopenic purpura: development of a decision aid." The Dean’s Fund New Staff Competition, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto.

Courses Taught

ECS 120: Studying Patients’ Decisions.
ECS 290: Doctoral Seminars.
ECS 187, 188, 189: Directed Readings
ECS 197, 198, 199: Directed Research.
ECS 176, 177, 178, 179: Master of Science Research Tutorial Series

Selected Publications


  • Llewellyn-Thomas HA, Arshinoff R, Bell M, Williams JI, Naylor CD Healthy-years equivalents (HYEs) in major joint replacement: can patients provide meaningful responses? International Journal of Technology Assessment in Health Care 2002;18 (3): 467-484.

  • Llewellyn-Thomas HA, Thiel EC, Paterson JM, Naylor CD. In the queue for coronary artery bypass grafting: patients' perceptions of risk and 'maximal acceptable waiting time' Journal of Health Services Research & Policy 1999; 4 (2):65-72.

  • Morgan MW, Deber RB, Llewellyn-Thomas HA, Gladstone P, Cusimano RJ, O'Rourke K, Tomlinson G, Detsky AS. Randomized, controlled trial of an interactive videodisc decision aid for patients with ischemic heart disease. Journal of General Internal Medicine Oct. 2000;15(10): 685-693.

  • Llewellyn-Thomas HA, Paterson JM, Carter JA, Basinski A, Myers MG, Hardacre GD, Dunn EV, D’Agostino RB, Naylor CD. Primary prevention drug therapy: can it meet patients’ requirements for reduced risk? Medical Decision Making 2002;22:326-339.

  • O’Connor, AM, Llewellyn-Thomas, HA, Flood, AB. Modifying unwarranted variations in health care: the role of shared decision making using patients’ decision aids. Health Affairs. Web Exclusive, October 7, 2004, VAR 63-72.