Associate Dean for Clinical Education

John F. Dick, III, MD

General Responsibilities

  • Oversee Clinical Educational programs in Years III and IV
  • Reach consensus on the idealized distribution of grades with deans, clinical chairs, clerkship directors
  • Establish criteria for clerkship grades
  • Assure grade consistency, fairness, and timeliness
  • Assure face-to-face feedback to clerkship students (two oral evaluations)
  • Assure timeliness of student evaluations to Registrar (due 4 weeks after clerkship ends)
  • Implement Year 3 and 4 curriculum and policies
  • Develop, plan and implement clerkship lotteries
  • Develop, plan and implement orientations to Years 3 and 4
  • Serve on Medical Education Committee, Committee on Student Performance and Conduct, Committee on Students With Disabilities, Medical Education Institutional Review Committee (MEIRC)

Chair of Clinical Education Course Director (CECD) Committee

  • Chair monthly CECD meetings
  • Assure consistent implementation of policies
  • Monitor students with academic difficulties
  • Assist continuous quality improvement of clerkships
  • Serve as Dean's liaison to clinical training sites

Student Advisor on Academic Issues of Clinical Education

  • Advise students with academic problems in clerkships
  • Advise students on Year III and IV electives
  • Advise students considering splitting Year 4 / delaying graduation

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