MRI & Other Methods


You may be wondering what it's like to get an MRI Scan! MRI is a safe and non-invasive tool to get a picture of the inside of your brain while you watch a TV show. The MRI is a large machine that uses magnetic fields to map your brain's structure and function. 

Our fMRI scanner in the Moore Building with sitting area for parent outside:

What it's like to get a scan:

  • We want you to feel safe and cozy in the scanner!
    • You will be lying down with pillows and cushion around your head
    • You will have a blanket to keep warm
    • You will change into comfy scrubs
  • During the scan you will watch a TV show!
    • You will wear earbuds to hear the TV show and to protect your ears from loud noises
  • You will not feel anything while in scanner!
    • You will walk through a metal detector
  • You can talk with us at anytime!
    • You will have an alarm squeeze ball if you need to talk to the researchers
    • You can stop at anytime if you are uncomfortable

Who Should Not Volunteer:

  • You have braces or a non-removable retainer 
  • You have metal in the body such as (but not limited to) replacement joints and bone screws
  • You have Claustrophobia (fear of enclosed places)


Watch this video to help understand what your MRI would be like:


Eye Tracking: 

Using a high resolution camera mounted below the monitor, we are able to track gaze without applying any equipment to a participant's head or face. 

  • You will sit in front of the computer and may play games or look at videos!
  • No equipment is needed, but we may place a target sticker on your forehead!