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Dr. Diane Gilbert-Diamond
Dr. Gilbert-Diamond's research is focused on identifying genetic and environmental factors related to chronic diseases such as obesity, type II diabetes, and cancer. In addition to studying independent predictors with established statistical methods, she also applies novel bioinformatical methods to look for gene-gene and gene-environment interactions related to disease outcomes.

Dr. Jennifer Emond
Dr. Jennifer Emond’s research is focused dietary behaviors and dietary intake during early childhood; the preschool years are a formative stage when children develop dietary behaviors and preferences that may ultimately shape their lifetime risk of obesity. Her research includes experimental studies examining the impact of food marketing exposure, including exposure to child-directed TV advertising and promotional tie-ins, on preschool-age children’s dietary intake, and observational studies (cross-sectional and prospective) to examine how food marketing impacts children’s dietary intake and eating behaviors. She also examines how the family dynamic impacts children’s health behaviors and ultimately their obesity risk. Jenn is the recipient of a K01 mentored research scientist award (NIDDK) to examine how household chaos impacts media use, sleep and hedonic eating behaviors in preschool-age children. A unifying analytical theme across her research is the design, management and analysis of intensively-collected, repeated-measures longitudinal data at the individual level. Additionally, she is dedicated to the training of students in research methodology at the undergraduate and graduate level.

Reina Kato Lansigan
Research Project Manager
Reina received her MSSW from Columbia University School of Social Work and BA in Psychology with a minor in Music from New York University. Over the years, she has investigated the influence of stereotypes on information search patterns, Head Start policy and child outcome, and efficacy of housing programs for homeless individuals with dual diagnosis. She is particularly interested in the intersection of environmental health, behavioral health, and social justice. Outside of academia, she formerly practiced as a psychotherapist and a clinical consultant to Connecticut’s Department of Children and Families, and is also a professional dancer.

John Brand
PhD in Experimental and Applied Psychology, Concordia University
My research studies the interface between the attention system of the human brain and childhood and adolescent health. I am particularly interested in the use of cognitive paradigms to isolate and understand the role that attention may play in public health issues, such as childhood obesity and youth tobacco use. During my PhD, I trained in theoretical cognitive psychology and the development of cognitive paradigms of attention including eye-tracking methodology. I am currently working under the supervision of Dr. Diane Gilbert-Diamond to create eye-tracking protocols to investigate the role of attention and media multi-tasking on food cue reactivity in children, an important predictor of childhood obesity. Additionally, Dr. Gilbert-Diamond and I are working with Dr. James Sargent to use eye-tracking methodology to investigate the association betweenexposure to electronic-cigarette ads and adolescent smoking initiation, an association that may have important policy implications for the FDA.

Jennifer LeBarre 
PhD, Dietitian, Identifying how Nutrition can Impact Food Cue Reactivity 
Dr. LaBarre's research uses metabolomics to identify risk of metabolic disease, such as type 2 diabetes, in children and adolescents. Using nutrient challenges such as oral glucose tolerance test and high-fat mixed macronutrient tolerance test, Dr. LaBarre profiles the response of the metabolome to identify characteristics influencing the ability to adapt to a nutrient load. Additionally, she works as a Registered Dietitian in the Weight and Wellness Center at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center, presenting the opportunity to translate research into the clinic.

Dabin Yeum
Graduate Student, Quantitative Biomedical Sciences
Dabin received her BS in Microbiology and Immunology from University of Wisconsin-Madison. During her undergraduate career, she worked as a research assistant in breast cancer and melanoma research lab. At one of the melanoma conferences, she was fascinated by the relationship between bench science and population health and its impact on translational research, so she pursued a graduate degree in MSPH at University of Utah. During her graduate studies, she worked as a research analyst on the Environmental Influences on Child Health Outcomes (ECHO) project. She joined the QBS PhD program at Dartmouth in 2019, and she is particularly interested in identifying environmental factors and child health. Outside of lab, she enjoys traveling, watching movies, cooking/eating, and (sometimes) hiking.

Catherine Pollack
Doctoral Candidate, Quantitative Biomedical Sciences
Catherine completed her B.S. degree with high distinction from the University of Virginia (UVA) in 2018, where she studied both biomedical engineering and applied statistics as a double major. While at UVA, Catherine participated in two summer internships with the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM). At NASEM, she worked with the Board on Mathematical Sciences and Analytics and the Committee on Applied and Theoretical Statistics to develop white papers that bridged the gap between mathematics, statistics, and data science. This fueled her passion for science communication, and her dissertation project combines epidemiology and data science to develop software tools that can combat obesity-related misinformation on social media. Within the Media and Health Behaviors Lab, Catherine is interested in creating and implementing data science pipelines that can enhance our understanding of food marketing exposures on diverse social media platforms. Outside of lab, Catherine enjoys playing clarinet with the Dartmouth College Wind Ensemble or running through Dartmouth campus while she trains for an upcoming marathon!

Delaina Carlson
Research Assistant
Delaina studied Developmental Psychology at the University of Pittsburgh with an interest in early childhood behavior and family systems. Professionally, she has worked as a teacher at Toddler’s Morning Out, Early Interventionist at The Family Place, nanny and professional photographer. Outside of the lab, she loves being outdoors, whether it’s hiking, gardening, camping or rock climbing. Contact:


Grace Ballarino
Research Assistant
Grace graduated from Syracuse University in 2021 with a B.S in Mathematics and a focus on pre-med. Grace is a registered EMT and during her undergraduate career she worked as an EMT with Syracuse University Ambulance and also in her hometown with Brewster Ambulance in Brockton, MA. She is passionate about Neuroscience and hopes to further her education in the field. In the spring of 2020 Grace studied for a semester abroad in Florence, Italy where she began studying the Italian language. She is an avid music fan and in her free time Grace enjoys hiking, swimming and attending movies and concerts. Contact:

Naman Chaudhary
Graduate Research Assistant, Engineering Management 
Naman graduated from IIT Mandi, India in 2020 with a B.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering. He joined Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth to pursue his Master’s in Engineering Management in 2021. He likes studying about and working in the areas involving technology, management, economics, and psychology and joined the Media and Health behavior lab to understand the impact of the pervasiveness of technology on health. He also likes playing soccer and enjoys running and listening to music.Contact:


Pulkit Nagpal
Undergraduate Research Assistant
Having grown up in Delhi, Cleveland, San Juan (Puerto Rico), and Connecticut, Pulkit has noticed disparities pertaining to health care and its access. This, combined with his growing love for quantitative analysis in biology and health, motivates him to pursue a career in medicine. As an undergraduate at Dartmouth, he plans on pursuing biology modified with quantitative social sciences to better understand and analyze health through research; epidemiology, child health outcomes, and mental health all interest him. Outside of academics, Pulkit likes to toss frisbees, play tennis, watch sports, and fold origami.


Emily Chang 
Undergraduate Research Assistant 
Emily Chang grew up in Bellevue, Washington and is interested in healthcare advocacy and examining how structural inequities impact the medical field. At Dartmouth, she plans to pursue anthropology modified with neuroscience and would like to help plan community projects centered around supporting mental health and wellness. She is a newly certified EMT and looks forward to taking shifts with Dartmouth EMS to aid fellow students. Emily is passionate about music, having recently picked up the guitar, and sings with the Dartmouth Rockapellas. In her free time she enjoys cooking, exploring the outdoors, reading, and spending time with her friends.


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