Ongoing Studies

Interested in our studies?

We are currently recruiting for multiple studies! We are also constantly launching new studies within ages 2-17. If you are interested in participating in our research with your children please fill out our Initial Inquiry Form below. A lab member will contact when you become eligible for a study!

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Evolution of Appetitive Traits

We conducting an NIH-funded research study to understand how genetic and family environmental factors combine to influence a child’s growth and development.

  • We are enrolling ~2 year olds and one parent or guardian per child.
  • The study involves a total of 6 visits to our lab every 6 months for 2.5 years.
  • Visits each last up to 90 minutes.
  • In the first visit, we will collect a small amount of your child’s saliva (using a small sponge that looks like a cotton swab). We will use the saliva to research genes that may influence children’s behaviors related to sleep, movement, eating, or responses to media when in different environments. No genetic information will be shared with you.
  • At each visit your child will watch an age-appropriate video, play computer games, and be offered snack foods.
  • Your child will be asked to wear an activity monitor before each study visit.
  • You will be asked to complete a 3-day diet diary for your child at each visit time point.
  • Compensation will be provided for each research task completed, in the form of gift cards from Amazon or Walmart.
  • Appointments are available 8am-6pm M-F, and 10am-5pm on Saturday and Sunday.