Study with Children Ages 9-12

We are conducting a study to better understand children’s response to food cues they see in their everyday environment.

  • 9- 12 year olds
  • The study involves a total of 4 visits to our lab: 3 visits that are 1 week apart, and 1 visit a year later.
  • Visit 1 is about 2 hours, and visits 2-4 are about about 1.5 hours.
  • Your child will watch TV, play games, and eat foods (to participate, they must be ok with a meal of mac and cheese, applesauce, and corn and have no relevant food allergies or dietary restrictions).
  • The first visit includes an MRI brain scan while your child watches an age-appropriate TV show. The MRI is a safe and non-invasive procedure that is commonly used with children. It uses magnetic fields and does not involve radiation or contrast agents. If at any point your child didn't want to continue being scanned, we'd stop right away.
  • Your child will be asked to wear an activity monitor (like a fitbit) for 1 week between the first and second visits. They will be compensated an extra $20 for this.
  • Parents will be compensated $20 for completing questionnaires.
  • At the end of each study visit, your child will be compensated $55-$80 for participating in all study components of the visit.
  • Appointments are available during lunch and dinner times on weekdays and weekends.

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