Policy and Advocacy

Part of the research involves advocacy for policy change at the larger level—something that was very important to C. Everett Koop. Therefore, a key element in the Koop Institute is translating our research into behavior change for individuals, communities and corporations through advocacy and policy initiatives. We will take a public relations approach to advocacy around behavior change in order to maximize the impact of our publications on corporate marketing and other practices that influence behavior and health. We will focus on developing and promoting model regulations for and regulatory oversight of corporate marketing and promotion of tobacco, alcohol and highly processed food products. We will also focus on disseminating behavioral interventions that effectively create healthier behaviors in regards to smoking, drinking alcohol and consuming highly processed foods.

Peer reviewed research by Koop Institute members have made an impact on the following:

Smoke Free Movies Campaign

Julius B. Richmond Center for Excellence

U.S. Surgeon General

World Health Organization 

National Cancer Institute