Alcohol Research

The Institute provides a home at Dartmouth for researchers who focus on behavior and non-communicable diseases. We conduct research that has measurable impact on risk for non-communicable diseases. 

Alcohol causes about 100,000 deaths per year to Americans.  Alcohol is also one of the largest causes of lost productivity, in part because it disables heavy users.  Because alcohol affects people across the lifespan, its use results in over 200 billion dollars of damage to society each year.  The alcohol industry shifts these costs to consumers -- half of those costs are born by government and the other half by affected families.  Industry actions affect the consumption of alcohol.  Multinational alcohol companies engage in campaigns to enhance consumption in bar environments where alcohol is served; they engage in multibillion dollar marketing campaigns that may affect underage use of alcohol.  Scientists at the Koop Institute assess the impact of alcohol marketing on underage drinking.

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Alcohol Marketing Consensus Project

Selected publications

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