Food, Nutrition and Obesity Research

The Institute provides a home at Dartmouth for researchers who focus on behavior and non-communicable diseases. We conduct research that has measurable impact on risk for non-communicable diseases.

Highly processed foods are engineered to be convenient and appealing. Diets rich in highly processed foods are linked to obesity, type II diabetes, and heart disease. Food companies market these foods to children beginning in the preschool years. Our research has focused on how the marketing of highly processed foods influences how children eat. We have conducted cutting edge brain imaging, behavioral, and genetic studies to learn how youth respond to food advertisements. For example, our research has demonstrated that children eat more after seeing food ads and that some children are genetically predisposed to this overeating. We have also studied the degree to which the marketing strategies (e.g., advertisement themes, use of toy premiums) are deceptive and violate food companies' own guidelines on marketing.

Selected publications 

The associations between attentional bias to food cues, parent-report appetitive traits, and concurrent adiposity among adolescents. []
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Factors Correlated With Ultra-Processed Food (UPF) Intake in Preschool-Aged Children and Association With Weight
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