Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth
2016 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration

"Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in healthcare is the most shocking and inhumane."
- Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Statement of Purpose - Martin Luther King Jr. and other civil rights leaders have narrowed the pathway to equality for people of color, yet there is still much work to be done. Social media, research, and especially the recent "Black Lives Matter" campaign have shown us that internalized racism is real. It's a passive form of bias, one that is difficult but important to identify within us. Through this year's conference, we will tackle our personal prejudices, to which no one is immune. We will work to instill a greater awareness of these biases in order to overcome them. As current and future health care professionals, we have a desire to prevent injustice against patients; especially those that occur before we even meet them.

THEME: What is Normal? Recognizing Bias and Overcoming it!


Title: An American Denial Screening and Discussion

Please join us for an engaging discussion and the story of a landmark 1944 study, An American Dilemma, which probed deep into the United States' racial psyche. The film weaves a narrative that exposes some of the potential underlying causes of racial biases still rooted in America's systems and institutions today.

To help with our discussion, we encourage everyone to take a few minutes to complete the following race based implicit bias test found at:

Facilitator: Marvah Hill Pierre-Louis MS II

Date: 6:00 PM; Thursday, January 14th

Place: Chilcott Auditorium


Title: "Outstanding Services to Negro Health": Dr. Dorothy Boulding Ferebee and Dr. Virginia M. Alexander and Black Women Physicians' Public Health Activism

Speaker: Vanessa Northington Gamble MD, PhD

Date: Welcome Reception 5:30 PM; Keynote 6:00 PM: Thursday, January 21st

Place: Life Sciences Center Oopik 1978 Auditorium Room 100

Bio: Vanessa Northington Gamble, MD, PhD is University Professor of Medical Humanities and Professor of Health Policy and American Studies at the George Washington University. She is the first woman and African American to hold this prestigious, endowed faculty position. She is also Professor of Health Policy in the Milken Institute School of Public Health and Professor of American Studies in the Columbian College of Arts and Sciences. Dr. Gamble is Adjunct Professor of Nursing at the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing. Throughout her career she has worked to promote equity and justice in medicine and public health. A physician, scholar, and activist, Dr. Gamble is an internationally recognized expert on the history of American medicine, racial and ethnic disparities in health and health care, public health ethics, and bioethics. She is the author of several widely acclaimed publications on the history of race and racism in American medicine and bioethics. Public service has been a hallmark of her career. She has serviced on many boards and chaired the committee that took the lead role in the successful campaign to obtain an apology in 1997 from President Clinton for the United States Public Health Syphilis Study at Tuskegee. She is a member of the National Academy of Medicine (formerly the Institute of Medicine) and a Fellow of the Hastings Center. A proud native of West Philadelphia, Dr. Gamble received her B.A. from Hampshire College and her MD and PhD in the history and sociology of science from the University of Pennsylvania.


Title: Geisel's First Annual Clinical Skills Diversity Panel

Panelists will present interactive patient case studies in a small group format. Participants can expect to learn about the clinical skills needed to understand and successfully treat conditions that [typically] fall outside what's often described as "normal!"

Facilitators: Eyitemi Fregene MS II

Date: 6:00 PM; Thursday, January 28th

Place: Chilcott Auditorium


Among many other types of biases in healthcare, bias towards mental health (particularly addiction patients) is often misunderstood and overlooked. Our Geisel MLK Committee is working to bring greater awareness of bias towards those with addiction challenges by learning the stories of local addiction patients. To engage and work with us, please contact Geisel Medical School's Office of Diversity and Inclusion at (603) 650-1553.

EVERYONE IS WELCOME! Dinner will be provided at the Documentary and Panel.