2014 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration

"Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in healthcare is the most shocking and inhumane."
- Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Statement of Purpose - Over half a century after the start of the Civil Rights movement, racial and ethnic disparities in quality and access persist in the ever-changing landscape of American healthcare. Minority mental health in particular is one of the most opportune areas for improvement. This year's MLK Celebration at the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth will explore these complex experiences, their underlying roots, and targeted solutions to mitigate unintended bias in care today.

Theme: "TIME FOR CHANGE": Dealing With Bias in Mental Healthcare


Title: Looks into the Night Film and Discussion

This film examines one's cultural identity and its impact on mental and spiritual health. Our discussion will focus on the mental health challenges faced by under-resourced communities and how we can facilitate mental health and spiritual well being.

Facilitator: Dr. Susan Karol MD, Chief Medical Officer; Indian Health Service

Date: 6:00 PM; Thursday, January 9th

Place: Chilcott Auditorium


Title: "A Psychiatrist's View of Disparities Over 40 Years."

Description: Dr. Drake will share his personal experiences with mental health training and practice in relation to disparities.

Speaker: Robert Drake MD

Date: 6:00 PM: Thursday, January 23rd

Place: Chilcott Auditorium


Title: Perspectives from the Community: Overcoming Unintended Bias in Care Delivery

Panelists from the Upper Valley and beyond will share their perspectives on bias and its impact on care delivery

Facilitators: Stuart Grande

Date: 6:00 PM; Tuesday, January 28th

Place: Chilcott Auditorium


Our Geisel MLK Committee works monthly with the refugee communities at the Community Health Centers of Burlington. To engage and work with us, please contact Geisel Medical School's Office of Diversity and Inclusion at (603) 650-1553.

Past Celebrations

Geisel's MLK Celebration committee is proud to report that our Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. celebrations have been well received by our medical community. We have hosted the following events:

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"A History of Presidential Opinion From FDR to Obama"
Steve Agbor Geisel II compiled speeches on past presidential healthcare reform policies

KEYNOTE: Quality Healthcare for All: "Why We Can't Wait"
Dartmouth College President Jim Yong Kim MD

PANEL: "Health, Gender, Justice: Caring for Transgender Patients"
Moderator: Rachel Coombs Geisel I

PANEL: "Healthcare Reform - Current Challenges, Future Solutions"
Moderator: Mark Splaine, MD

2009 MLK Celebration
Theme: PEACE OF MIND: A Series on Stigma, Cultural Psychiatry, and Mental Health Among Medical Professionals.


2008 MLK Celebration
Theme: Healthcare Disparities and the Underserved

2007 MLK Celebration
Theme: HIV AIDS in the Black Community.

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