2024 Black History Month Celebration

Events are from January 29, 2024 - February 29, 2024

Please join the Office of Diversity, Inclusion, and Community Engagement (DICE), the Student National Medical Association (SNMA), the Dartmouth Health BIPOC Employee Resource Group, the Office of Alumni Relations, the Office of Pluralism and Leadership (OPAL) in celebrating Black History Month this February!


Black History Month is a period dedicated to the celebration of Black culture and history, rich in the immensity of its diversity, present throughout the world. While Black History Month is the time of the year dedicated to promoting our diverse heritage, it is important for individuals to realize that our heritage should be valued year-round and to continue educating and informing oneself beyond the month of February.

Centering the diversity throughout the diaspora of our community is a great step in challenging ourselves to consistently seek out and search for stories and experiences that expand our understanding of Black history to include all who play a role in it, not just a highlighted few.

Black History Month serves as a reminder of our past and allows us to pay tribute to our ancestors whose shoulders we stand on today. It gives us an opportunity to collectively assess where we are now and where we want to be. Through joy and celebration, alongside education and reflection, we embrace that we must reclaim our past to understand how and why we came to exist today. We then look to transform that reflection into action, looking to propel our heritage into the next era, one in which we continue to carve out space for ourselves and make waves in society.

Let these 29 days serve as more than a moment — let them be the renewal of a movement.


This session will discuss the biology of hair, hair as identity, and patient hair health. We will discuss the history of the CROWN Act and its importance to job security and wellness for diverse patients and employees.




journaling flyer

Skin of Color Journal Club 
February 9th, 2024
Dartmouth Hitchcock Heater Road: Clinic, Room 1A

Zoom Meeting Link: 995 3171 3506   Passcode: 065269

(Geisel School of Medicine: Department of Dermatology) This event will focus on addressing the unique challenges that individuals with darker skin tones encounter within the healthcare system, including disparities they face in dermatologic care.

Additional Programming for Community Members

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