Minority Alumni Speaker Series (MASS)

The Dean's Minority Alumni Speaker Series (MASS) is a program co-sponsored by the Office of Student and Multicultural Affairs and the Office of Alumni Relations. The purpose of the lecture series is to give our minority students opportunities to interact with DMS alumni of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds, to hear about their experiences during medical school, and about their lives and careers since. We began this collaborative program in 2002 and it has been well received by our medical community. Here is a list of past speakers and the topics they presented. If you or someone you know would like to become a part of the MASS, please contact the Office of Multicultural Affairs at 603-650-1553.

November 2009
Chidi Achebe, MD, MPH, MBA DMS'96
Inequalities in Health Care: The Next State of the Civil Rights Movement

April 2008
Ron Dixon MD, DMS 98
"General Medical Care Delivery for the 21st Century."

April, 2007
Irene Dankwa Buadoo MD, DMS 97
"Disparities in Cancer Health Care."

April 2006
Pauline Mbawuike Aham-Neze MD, DMS 94
"Hurricane Katrina: A Disaster for the Minority Community."

January 2006
Astaire Selassie MD, DMS 90
"Surprises! My Journey through Unexpected Challenges"

February 2005
Sharon McBeth MD, DMS 81
Panelist- "Striking the Balance Between Hospital and Home."

Sept. 2004
Elaine Choy Lee MD, DMS 79
Mentoring Medical Students
"On Broadway . . ."

September 2003
Matias Vega MD, DMS 78, DC 80
"Homelessness and Health."

April 2003
Patricia Dillon MD MPH, DMS 86
"The West Nile Virus: A Public Health Perspective."

March 2003
Ray Blackwell MD, DC '80, DMS '87
"Lessons Learned."
"Sports and Medicine"
Medical-Dental Staff honors three physicians

February 2003
Joyce Sackey MD, DMS 89, DC 85
"AIDS in Africa."
"Joyce Sackey-Acheampong, M.D. '89: In good faith"