Design for Health

About Design for Health

Today, healthcare is mired in problems that need solving. Healthcare doesn’t need more cookie cutter doctors to perpetuate a broken machine; it needs tinkerers with fresh and bold ideas to rebuild the machine to make it work better for patients and providers. That’s where Design for Health comes in.

Design for Health, was founded at Geisel with the purpose of fostering the next generation of physician-innovators, working at the frontlines to improve healthcare. Design for Health empowers students to tackle healthcare problems by providing a homebase for teaching and practicing innovation methods, hosting speakers, sponsoring hackathons, and connecting students with researchers, providers and patients to implement solutions to real healthcare problems in our hospitals and communities. We collaborate with other design-minded organizations at Dartmouth like the Tuck School of Business, Thayer School of Engineering, DALI Lab, the Magnuson Center for Entrepreneurship (formerly DEN), and The Dartmouth Institute.

Design for Health is new to Geisel but full of energy and inspiration. We’re excited to grow and gain momentum as the months go by.

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If you’re interested in getting involved or would like to learn more, contact us by email!

Brendan Barth (Geisel ’23), Matt Stanton (Geisel ‘22), or Prianca Tawde (Geisel ’23)