David's House

David's House provides support and temporary housing for the families of children undergoing treatment at DHMC. It is staffed by volunteers, including a few people who cook dinner for the guests each day. Our group coordinates cooking dates for volunteers from Geisel - anyone is welcome to sign up! Cooking involves buying groceries (reimbursed by David's House), preparing a meal for 15-20 people in the David's House kitchen, and cleanup. We don't get to eat our delicious meals, but hanging out in the kitchen is a great way to meet and talk to guests. Please email Tina.L.Hoisington@Dartmouth.edu to sign up!

David's House is a non-profit organization that provides need-based housing to families with children staying at CHaD. The house relies heavily on volunteers for day-to-day "hotel" operations, as well as for cooking meals and fun-raising events. There are many opportunities to play a part in the organization, and you get to meet some amazing people with very powerful stories. Please contact Jaye.Olmstead@davids-house.org or Tina.L.Hoisington@Dartmouth.edu for more information.