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Match Day

Dear Geisel families and friends,

Match Day is this Friday, March 20th. The graduating students have already been informed about how they will receive their Match Day results. There is no in-person ceremony this year.

Graduating students will receive an email from the Geisel Clinical Education Office with their Match result at noon EDT on Friday, March 20th. They will then also receive an email at 1pm EDT directly from the NRMP. Printed Match letters will be placed in student mailboxes sometime after noon on Friday.

For those students that have granted permission, we will run a slideshow of Match results starting at 1pm EDT. This can be viewed at:

A print Match list will be available here at 1pm EDT on Friday. This requires a Dartmouth NetID to view. Only those students that have granted permission to be on the print list are included:

Alison Volpe Holmes, MD, MPH
Associate Dean for Student Affairs
Associate Professor of Pediatrics and of The Dartmouth Institute
Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth