QBS PhD Core Courses

Pre-Requisite (Fall Pre-Term)

  • QBS 103: Foundations of Data Science 
  • QBS 110: Integrative Biomedical Sciences Seminar
  • QBS 700: Responsible & Ethical Conduct of Research




QBS Journal Clubs (Each .5unit | complete nine total before graduation)

*QBS 270 is Mandatory for all 1st year PhD students in Year 1

*Nine Journal Club courses are needed for students who matriculated before Fall 2020, QBS 102: Scientific Writing (not offered 21-22) may count as a Journal Club requirement if offered in future Quarters. 

QBS Journal Clubs Offerings

  • QBS 270:  Epidemiology Journal Club (Fall)
  • QBS 270: Biostatistics Journal Club (Winter)
  • QBS 270: Bioinformatics Journal Club (Spring)
  • QBS 271: Advanced Epidemiology Journal Club (rotating topics, not offered every year)
  • QBS 194: Biostatistics Journal Club (Winter)
  • QBS 193: Independent Journal Club

Additional Journal Club Offerings

  • BIOL 265: Microbial Ecology and Environmental Microbiology Journal Club
  • BIOL 268: Genes and Gene Products
  • GENE 261: Cancer Biology
  • ENGG 260: Advances in Biotechnology
  • MICRO 264 & 265: Microbiology and Immunology Research Colloquium
  • COCS 189: Topics in Applied Computer Science 

Supervised Teaching

  • QBS 196: Supervised Teaching in QBS

Graduate Research 

Students who matriculated Fall 2021 and beyond may not take more than 4 units of course work per quarter unless approved by QBS administration and leadership.

For the Fall Quarter, this unit limit does not include pre-term mandatory courses QBS 103: Foundations of Data Science, QBS 700: Responsible and Ethical Conduct of Research, or QBS 110: Integrative Biomedical Sciences Seminar.