PhD elective courses


Choose 3.5 units from this list.

Limits and Requirements

  • For students who matriculate Fall 2020 and beyond, QBS 195 Independent Study (1 unit) and QBS 123 Biostatistics Consulting (0.5 unit) may be taken multiple times, but only 2 units total in these courses will count toward elective credit.
  • Seek administrative approval for non-listed electives. Email Dr. Kristine Giffin for additional information.
  • Students who matriculate Fall 2021 and beyond may not take more than 4 units of coursework per quarter unless approved by QBS administration and leadership. For the Fall quarter, this unit limit does not count pre-term courses QBS 103 Foundations of Data Science, QBS 700 Responsible and Ethical Conduct of Research, and QBS 110 Integrative Biomedical Sciences Seminar.