Zhuoya Zhang

Hometown: Beijing, China

Undergraduate institution: Brandeis University

Undergraduate major: Health Science, Society and Policy; Economics

Graduate Study - Institution: Brown University

My research interests are: I am interested in the biological, environmental, and lifestyle factors of cardiometabolic health. I am also curious about how interventions like mindfulness impact wellness.

Career track: Academia

My career goals are: I aspire to become a well-rounded epidemiologist, assisting research institutes to study the determinants of cardiometabolic health and develop preventative measures accessible to all.

I have technical expertise in: R, SAS, Python, Java, Stata, and ArcGIS.

I chose QBS because: I chose QBS for the interdisciplinary nature of the program. I also appreciate rotation opportunities where I could apply my knowledge to innovative public health research. Lastly, the low student-to-faculty ratio would enable me to develop meaningful connections with my professors and peers.

Recreational Interests: I enjoy running, skiing, reading, and exploring new restaurants, coffee shops, and bookstores.