Zhiyun Gong

Hometown: Tianjin, China

Undergraduate institution: Xi'an Jiaotong Liverpool University / University of Liverpool

Undergraduate major: Bioinformatics

Graduate Study - Institution: Carnegie Mellon University

My research interests are: Data processing and integration
Building bioinformatics pipelines
Applied Machine Learning in biomedical sciences
Developing user-friendly web interfaces for non-computational scientistsT

Thesis Advisor and Lab: Michael Whitfield, PhD

Career track: Both Industry and Academia

My career goals are: I'd like to apply my bioinformatics and machine learning skills in order to help with disease subtyping or early detection. I'm also interested in developing user interfaces that allow non-computational researchers to interact with machine learning or other visualization tools.

I have technical expertise in : Bioinformatics (microarray and NGS data analysis, pipelining);
Programming (R, Python, Golang)
Databases (mySQL, Neo4j)
Web development (HTML, JavasScript, R shiny, streamlit)

Other professional accomplishments of note: Publication: Trevor S Frisby, Zhiyun Gong, Christopher James Langmead, Asynchronous parallel Bayesian optimization for AI-driven cloud laboratories, Bioinformatics, Volume 37, Issue Supplement_1, July 2021, Pages i451–i459

I chose QBS because: QBS provides a great breadth of coursework and research topics, and the collaborative environment makes me feel like this is the place where I will enjoy studying and working at for the next 5 years of my life.

Recreational Interests: Watching sci-fi shows/movies, doing yoga, riding roller coasters in amusement parks, exploring places chosen randomly, learning Russian language

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