Yiping (Mary) Li

Hometown: Hebei, China

Undergraduate institution: Rutgers University

Undergraduate major: Nutritional Sciences

Graduate Study - Institution: University of Southern California, Case Western Reserve University

My research interests are: nutrition and diet, maternal and child health, immunology, and vaccine research.

Career track: Both Industry and Academia

My career goals are: making positive impacts on disease prevention and treatments, improving human wellness and the quality of life, and contributing updated research findings to industry and academia.

I have technical expertise in: R, SAS, and Stata. I am hoping to develop more statistical analysis skills by learning other programming languages and studying machine learning.

Other professional accomplishments of note: I used to be a Clinical Registered Dietitian aspiring to provide individualized nutritional suggestions to improve human health.

I chose QBS because: I love the interdisciplinary nature of the program. QBS offers first year Ph.D. students extra chances to explore research fields and interests, which is really a bonus. The courses provided by QBS are comprehensive and would equip me as a well rounded researcher. There is also a lot of collaboration between labs, so I can gain trainings from mentors with different expertise as needed. Faculty and staff in QBS are very supportive and willing to help students achieve their goals. This is the right place for me!

Recreational Interests: photography, traveling (road trips!), watching movies, and trying new restaurants and cafes.

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