Tim Renier

Hometown: Duluth, MN

Undergraduate institution: St. Olaf College

Undergraduate major: Chemistry

Graduate Study - Institution: Geisel School of Medicine MD/PhD Program

My research interests are: Broadly, my research interests lie in using epidemiologic and bioinformatics approaches to study the causes, prevention, and treatment of chronic diseases. I am particularly interested in obesity medicine, the topic area of my research so far at Dartmouth. It is a pleasure to be working with Dr. Gilbert-Diamond through research in the Media and Health Behaviors Lab and the Dartmouth Health Weight and Wellness Center.

My career goals are: I am pursuing a career as a physician scientist- I aspire to role incorporating both research and clinical practice where these two aspects enhance and motivate each other.

I have technical expertise in : Statistical modeling/computer programming (R, Python, C++), genomic data analysis, network analysis, wet lab work

Other professional accomplishments of note: I am a student in the Geisel MD/PhD program and completed phase 1 (preclinical) MD program training in 2021. At Geisel, I am a student representative on the Medical Education Committee and am the student co-director of the MD/PhD Undergraduate Summer Fellowship (MPUS).

I chose QBS because: QBS focuses on providing students with skills in biostatistics, epidemiology, and bioinformatics that are broadly applicable to interdisciplinary research. As a MD/PhD student, these emphases fit perfectly with my interests and career goals. It is a close-knit program with faculty and peers I am excited to work with each and every day.

Recreational Interests: I enjoy hiking, DIY projects, cooking (especially barbecue), cross country skiing, golf, and travel.