Minghui Zhang

Hometown: Guangdong, China

Undergraduate institution: Sun Yat-sen University

Undergraduate major: Biotechnology

Graduate Study - Institution: Johns Hopkins university

My research interests are: My research interests are genetic and epigenetic factors, modifiable behaviors, and the gene-environment interactions on cancer risks, as well as the racial differences therein

Career track: Both Industry and Academia

My career goals are: I envision myself as an epidemiologist working in cancer research to help identify disease determinants and promote health

I have technical expertise in: R, Stata, Python, SAS, SPSS

I chose QBS because: The interdisciplinary curriculum of QBS will allow me to have the exposure to not only epidemiological study, but also bioinformatics and biostatistics research. QBS offers numerous research opportunities, including three research rotations. The close interaction between QBS and Dartmouth Cancer Center will provide me with resources to conduct cancer research.

Recreational Interests: Skiing, reading, swimming, spending quality time with my dogs, and enjoying delicious foods