Julian Gullett

Hometown: Wilson, North Carolina (US)

Languages Spoken:  English

Degree and Institution:  Bachelor of Science in Materials Science and Engineering (North Carolina State University)

Linkedin: Julian Gullett


Previous Work Experience: Undergraduate Research with Dr. Franky So, North Carolina State University

Academic Track:  Epidemiology

Career Track:

Career Interests:

Favorite Algorithm and/or gene

Technical Expertise:  Metlab


Publications:  Unpublished paper to be presented at SPIE 2020 in San Diego titled "Enhanced lead sulfide quantum dots infrared photodetector performance through ligand exchange" Primary Author: Yin, Shichen

My favorite scientist:

My favorite research paper:  Thomas Nagle's paper from 1974 titled "What Is It Like to Be a Bat?" https://warwick.ac.uk/fac/cross_fac/iatl/study/ugmodules/humananimalstudies/lectures/32/nagel_bat.pdf

Extracurricular Activities

Why QBS?.  I have interests in senescence, epidemiology, and network science.

QBS MS Experience

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Favorite QBS Class:

Life at Dartmouth:

--When I am not in lab/school, I'm frequently reading, fiction and non-fiction.