Joseph Nano

Hometown: Falmouth, Maine
Undergraduate institution: Boston College
Undergraduate major: Biology B.S. and Neuroscience B.S.
Graduate Study - Institution: Dartmouth Geisel School of Medicine
QBS MS track : Health Data Science
My research interests are: Cardiovascular disease, mental health, and chronic disease
My career goals are: Physician-Scientist (MD-PhD)
I chose QBS because: After I pursued a Master's in Public Health at Dartmouth College, I recognized the need for additional training in healthcare data analytics to achieve my career goals. The MS program in Quantitative Biomedical Sciences will offer me the opportunity to gain skills I need to measure complex health problems and build the foundation I need to succeed as a physician-scientist.
Recreational Interests: During my free time, I enjoy reading books and writing. I published three books that shared some of my experiences.