Ian Gingerich

Hometown: Portland, Oregon

Undergraduate institution: Whitman College

Undergraduate major: Biology

My research interests are: I am interested in single- sell sequencing datasets in the context of cancer detection and therapeutics, as well as utilizing spatial transcriptomics. I am interested in applying machine learning and statistical modeling techniques to these data to be able to develop and answer questions surrounding biotherapeutic development.

Career track: Both Industry and Academia

I have technical expertise in: Programing: Matlab, Python, FIJI (ImageJ), Neuroinformatics: Neurolucida, Wet lab: Histology, electrophysiology, optogenetic stimulation

Recreational Interests: Outside of lab I love to rock climb, backcountry and cross-country ski, and bike. I also am an avid reader of sci-fi/fantasy novels, and I like to cook.