Akane Shu

Hometown:  Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan

Languages Spoken:  English, Japanese, Mandarin

Degree and Institution:  Bachelor of Arts in Biochemistry (Mount Holyoke College)

Linkedin:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/akane-shu-721171b2/

Previous Work Experience:

  • Massachusetts General Hospital (Clinical and Translational Research)

Academic Track: Health Data Science

Career Track:  Data Science in Medicine

Career Interests:  I am interested in employing data science as a tool to improve the quality of life and address health disparities for patients. There are currently growing opportunities to do so with data analytics and informatics, from precision medicine to health service research.

Favorite Algorithm and/or gene

Technical Expertise:


My favorite scientist:  Bertrand Russell

Extracurricular Activities:

Why QBS?  Mentorship is what I prioritize when choosing a learning environment. I value the sense of community at QBS and the interdisciplinary nature of the program.

QBS MS Experience:

QBS Electives:


Favorite QBS Class:

Life at Dartmouth:

--When I am not in lab/school, I'm reading, traveling, doing some artwork or water sports!