Weekly Newsletter: Vol. 2 Issue 1

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Who would have known that this week in April is designated as “Be Kind to Spiders” week (and also “Bat Appreciation Week”)? As spring approaches and you are on walks, keep an eye out for our local arachnids https://spiderid.com/locations/united-states/new-hampshire/ and https://spiderid.com/locations/united-states/vermont/.


It might be a good idea, however, to avoid Latrodectus variolus, the Northern black widow, unless you know how to distinguish the males from females!







Monday 4 pm
Zoom Link  Meeting ID: 989 7142 2130   Passcode: 454636
4/5 Rebecca Lebeaux (Hoen lab), Josh Levy (Christensen lab)


Congratulations to these MSB department members for their recent publications!
Neuropeptide F signaling regulates
parasitoid-specific germline development and egg-laying in Drosophila 
By Madhu Sadanandappa, Shiva Sathyanarayan,
Gio Bosco, Shu Kondo
| PLOS GENETICS | Article link

Click the image to enlarge.
NMDA Receptors Enhance the Fidelity of Synaptic Integration

By Chenguang Li and
Allan T. Gulledge
| eNeuro | Article link





What To Watch
Charlotte's Web (1973)
Miracles do happen! E.B. White’s timeless children’s story comes to life in this colorful animated musical. You’ll laugh and sing along as Charlotte the Spider teaches Wilbur the Pig, Templeton the Rat and the other barnyard animal lessons on friendship, trust and love.
What To Read
Need a Book With That Spider?
The discovery of Mediterranean recluse spiders at the University of Michigan prompted a two-day closure of one of its libraries.
Spiders in space-orb-web-related behaviour in zero gravity
Gravity is very important for many organisms, including web-building spiders. Probably the best approach to study the relevance of gravity on organisms is to bring them to the International Space Station.
What To Listen To
Spiders · Ozzy Osbourne- Bark At The Moon


The Best Spider Crafts For Kids

The Best Spider Crafts For Kids. Even if you’re not normally a fan of real creepy crawlies these cute arachnids will have you smiling and wanting to make more.


Spider Cornbread
Don’t be scared off by the name of this delicious cornbread variety; “spider” comes from the name of a type of three-legged skillet the bread was traditionally baked in (though any cast-iron skillet will do).

  • 1 cup white cornmeal (Prof. Wanda Dodson uses unsifted stone ground)
  • 1/3 cup flour
  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1 egg
  • 1 cup milk
  • 1/2 cup rich milk (Dodson uses half & half)
  • 1/4 cup water


  1. Sift dry ingredients together.
  2. Beat the egg and combine with 1 cup milk. Add to dry ingredients and mix well.
  3. Heat a lump of butter in an iron skillet and add batter. Over this pour the combined rich milk and water. Do not stir. Bake 30 minutes at 350 degrees F.
  4. Cut into pie-shaped wedges and serve piping hot.


I have received a COVID vaccine. Do I need to continue testing?

Yes. Vaccinated individuals are required to continue ongoing testing as directed by Occupational Medicine. Experts are still working to learn more about the protection that COVID-19 vaccines provide, and everyone who receives a vaccine should maintain precautions such as wearing a face covering, physical distancing, handwashing, and avoiding travel and gatherings.

COVID Testing: Are you a Lone Pine or a Big Green?

The college updated the COVID testing frequency for employees working on-site as of January 2021. Each employee is now categorized as either Lone Pine or Big Green testers, each with their own testing frequency.

If you work on-site, or will begin working on-site this year, please review the Employee COVID-19 Resources pagehttps://www.dartmouth.edu/hrs/covid/index.html to learn the details.


How and where to get COVID-19 vaccine in New Hampshire

All Granite Staters age 16 and older will be eligible for COVID-19 vaccination next week!
How and where to get COVID-19 vaccine in Vermont
Students call Dick's House, at 603-646-9400.

Faculty and staff call Axiom Medical at 877-502-9466 or primary care provider.

Do not visit Dick's House or your primary care provider without calling first.
Health screening guidelines.

Website Links for your Reference:
Schedule your COVID test: https://health-clinics.dartmouth.edu/
Dartmouth COVID information: https://covid.dartmouth.edu/
COVID Testing FAQs:  https://www.dartmouth.edu/hrs/covid/index.html
Employee Testing Policy:  https://www.dartmouth.edu/hrs/pdfs/eetestingcovid.pdf

Coronavirus Information

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