About Us

The Department of Molecular and Systems Biology (MSB) at The Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth was formed in 2016 to unite faculty with diverse scientific interests and technical expertise who are answering complex questions in biology and medicine through systems level, state-of-the-art experimental and computational approaches. With strengths in cancer biology, proteomics, neuroscience, developmental biology, genomics and genetics, department labs span the breadth of cutting-edge research – from mechanisms underlying gene regulation and signaling pathways in developing organisms and circadian systems, to optogenetic control and live imaging of neural circuits, to insights into disease processes and innovative therapies to combat them.  Taking advantage of the powerful tools afforded by molecular biology, our goal is to integrate recent discoveries, comprehensive data sets and modeling to gain a holistic understanding of biological processes and their relevance to human health.

Our department fosters an environment of collaborative and cross-disciplinary research and is committed to the excellence and advancement of its graduate student and post-doctoral trainees. MSB faculty support a diverse and inclusive research community within the department and more broadly at Dartmouth, in accordance with the Geisel School of Medicine’s mission. Through the MSB Enriching our Environment committee, we seek to promote open dialogue and the respectful exchange of ideas among all our faculty, staff and trainees.