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PEMM Faculty

Yolanda Sanchez, PhD
Checkpoint signaling events triggered during the response to DNA damage or replication interference, how they regulate cell cycle progression, DNA repair and cell death. The role of checkpoints in the etiology of cancer and as drug targets for therapeutic enhancers of genotoxic cancer drugs.

Allan Gulledge, PhD
Cellular neurophysiology of the cerebral cortex, with emphasis on understanding signal integration and transmission within individual neurons.

Alan Eastman, PhD
Cancer Chemotherapy. Mechanisms of drug action: unbiased screen for novel targets and identification of selective anticancer drugs. Novel Drug combinations: Modulation of cell cycle arrest induced by DNA damaging agents; modulation of Bcl-2 proteins to enhance apoptosis.

Michael D. Cole, PhD
Molecular basis of cancer; transcription factors; mechanisms of chromosome-mediated transcriptional control; target genes for oncogenic pathways.

Bryan W. Luikart, PhD
Molecular mechanisms that direct the formation of synapses onto new neurons as they integrate into the synaptic circuitry of the central nervous system.

Todd W. Miller, PhD
Translational application of knowledge of cell signaling pathways to therapeutics for breast cancer.

Hermes H. Yeh, PhD
Cellular and molecular mechanisms of neuroreceptor interactions and plasticity in the adult and developing CNS.