Program Faculty

Yashi Ahmed, MD, PhD
A Drosophila model for signaling by the APC tumor suppressor and beta-catenin oncogene.

Giovanni Bosco, PhD
Genetics and molecular biology of chromosome dynamics, chromatin and epigenetics.

Chao Cheng, PhD
Computational biology and bioinformatics, transcriptional regulation underlying cancer and other human diseases

Michael D. Cole, PhD
Molecular basis of cancer; transcription factors; mechanisms of chromosome-mediated transcriptional control; target genes for oncogenic pathways.

Jay C. Dunlap, PhD
Genetics of circadian rhythms.

Steven N. Fiering, PhD
DNA elements in regulation of mammalian genes during development.

Scott Gerber, PhD
Quantitative Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics.

Jennifer J. Loros, PhD
Fungal genetics; Molecular genetics of biological clocks.

Michael Whitfield, PhD
Genome-wide approaches to the study of biological systems.