Articles by: Michelle Gleason

Anne Hoen, Brock Christensen, and Sara Lundgren publish study on maternal diet and infant gut microbiome

Anne Hoen, Assistant Professor of Epidemiology, Brock Christensen, Associate Professor of Epidemiology, and Sara Lundgren, graduate student in the Quantitative Biomedical Sciences PhD program, recently published a study in Microbiome exploring the potential link between a pregnant mother’s diet and her developing baby’s gut microbiome. Findings of the study were featured in […]

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Associate Professor Diane Gilbert-Diamond awarded $2.8 million NIH grant to study food consumption and adiposity in children

Diane Gilbert-Diamond, Associate Professor of Epidemiology, was just awarded a $2.8 million grant from the National Institutes of Health to study the relation between genetic factors, food cues, and self-regulation with excess food consumption and adiposity in children. This award will be funded through the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute […]

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An optimized library for reference-based deconvolution of whole-blood biospecimens assayed using the Illumina HumanMethylationEPIC BeadArray

Epidemiology Postdoc, Dr. Lucas Salas (Brock Christensen’s lab) and fellow researchers have come up with a new and more precise reference library for adult blood cell deconvolution using Illumina EPIC DNA methylation microarrays. The improved library minimizes experimental artifacts and variability associated with small changes in different cell subpopulations in […]

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