Newly launched environmental health educational resources

New training videos and resources have been added to the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services Environmental Health Program website. The training videos address how people are exposed to environmental contaminants and ways to reduce exposure. An accompanying factsheet and resource guide are also available. These materials were produced by […]

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Quantified retrospective biomonitoring of fetal and infant elemental exposure using LA-ICP-MS analysis of deciduous dentin in three contrasting human cohorts

BACKGROUND: Spatial elemental analysis of deciduous tooth dentin combined with odontochronological estimates can provide an early life (in utero to ~2 years of age) history of inorganic element exposure and status. OBJECTIVE: To demonstrate the importance of data normalization to a certified reference material to enable between-study comparisons, using populations […]

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How immune cells shape our body’s true age.

“New research by Dartmouth Cancer Center scientists has taken the first step to change that. The team, led by Ze Zhang, PhD, Lucas Salas, MD, MPH, PhD, and Brock Christensen, PhD, is diving deep into the immune system to learn how different immune cells affect epigenetic clocks, to make them […]

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Deciphering the role of immune cell composition in epigenetic age acceleration: Insights from cell-type deconvolution applied to human blood epigenetic clocks

“Deciphering the role of immune cell composition in epigenetic age acceleration: Insights from cell-type deconvolution applied to human blood epigenetic clocks,” recently published in Aging Cell. The Dartmouth Cancer Center Scientist team led by Ze Zhang, Ph.D., Lucas Salas, MD, MPH, Ph.D., and Brock Christensen, Ph.D., determined how our body’s biological age […]

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Dr. Diane Gilbert-Diamond, ScD Speaks at “The Buddha The Scientist Meeting” about Mindfulness

Dr. Diane Gilbert-Diamond, ScD teaches Mindful Physiology to undergraduates at Dartmouth. This course aims to help students understand and appreciate their own physiology. In addition to didactic lectures, students practice about 20 minutes of mindfulness during each class, during which they reflect and observe their physiology. They are also encouraged […]

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Congratulations, Hannah Laue!

Dr. Hannah Laue is the winner of the ISEE NAC 2023 Annual SNRN Abstract Contest. She is a K99 postdoctoral research associate at Dartmouth Geisel School of Medicine. She received her doctorate in environmental health from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. Her research focuses on the role […]

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Dr. Caitlin Howe’s Interview with NH Bulletin

Dr. Caitlin Howe, an assistant professor in Epidemiology was recently interviewed by the New Hampshire Bulletin to talk about the NH Water Well-Ness Initiative which highlights some of the research from the New Hampshire Birth Cohort Studies. The full article can be read here.

Congratulations, Gyeyoon Yim!

Gyeyoon Yim a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Epidemiology, has been selected for an oral presentation and a symposium lecture at the International Society for Environmental Epidemiology (ISEE), which will be held in Taiwan in September 2023. the ISEE is the largest assembly of environmental epidemiologists, with membership drawn […]

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Dr. Megan Romano works with Thayer Students on Award-winning Capstone project to remove PFAS from wastewater

Dr. Megan Romano a leading epidemiologist on the study of PFAS worked with Thayer students Ariana Arvelo Marchan ’23, Abbi Fitzpatrick ’22 Th’23, William Gano ’22, and Eliana Ray ’23, who received a $10,000 grand prize for their capstone project “Low Cost, Open Source PFAS Filter Design for Small Cleaning […]

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