Employment Opportunities

  • Research Assistant II - Bill Wickner Lab at Dartmouth
  • Research Scientist Protein Biochemist - Dartmouth Institute of Biomolecular Targeting

Research Assistant II
Bill Wickner Lab at Dartmouth

Our lab seeks an energetic individual, to learn enzymology and molecular genetics while performing sophisticated research projects leading to publications with full authorship attribution. We are biochemists studying membranes fusion, a conserved process that is at the heart of neurotransmission, hormone secretion, and cell growth. Applicants should visit https://billwicknerlab.wixsite.com/vacuole-fusion. The position will set up and conduct a variety of laboratory tests and experiments by applying established methods, procedures, and techniques in support of research studies directed at membrane fusion mechanisms.

View the full posting and apply at: https://searchjobs.dartmouth.edu/postings/59845

Research Scientist Protein Biochemist
Dartmouth Institute of Biomolecular Targeting

The Dartmouth Institute for Biomolecular Targeting (bioMT) is seeking an experienced staff member to join its Core Facilities (Molecular Tools Core and Molecular Interactions and Imaging
Core). The successful applicant will possess knowledge and hands-on experience on the design, production, and biophysical characterization of recombinant proteins. The Protein
Biochemist will employ high-throughput approaches for construct design and protein expression and develop purification workflows involving multiple chromatographic methods (e.g., AP, IEC,
SEC). Previous experience with structural analysis (x-ray, or cryoEM) of proteins and/or in proteomics will be highly desirable. This person will actively contribute to and facilitate
multidisciplinary research projects across the Dartmouth community. Other activities include but are not limited to, data collection and reporting, equipment maintenance, and training of bioMT

View the full posting and apply at: https://searchjobs.dartmouth.edu/postings/65540

Dartmouth is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer with a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion. We prohibit discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, disability, veteran status, marital status, or any other legally protected status. Applications by members of all underrepresented groups are encouraged.

Biochemistry & Cell Biology staff positions available are posted on Dartmouth's online job posting. All applications require a resume and cover letter.

Postdoctoral research positions are generally filled through direct communications between interested postdocs and the researchers in whose work a given postdoc is interested. Postdocs interested in biochemistry are encouraged to view the faculty pages on this web site and initiate contact with the principal investigators directly.