Christensen, Brock
Molecular epidemiology of human cancers focusing on epigenetics, genetics, and the environment

Cole, Michael
The molecular basis of cancer and oncogenic transcription factors

Craig, Ruth
The role of MCL1 in normal cell survival and cancer

DiRenzo, James
Mammary Stem Cells in Development and Disease

Dmitrovsky, Ethan
Translational research in cancer therapy and prevention

Eastman, Alan
Novel molecular therapeutic strategies for cancer

Freemantle, Sarah
Cancer cell biology and signaling pathways

Friedman, Matthew
Underlying neurobiological abnormalities associated with PTSD

Green, Alan
Mechanisms involved in the abuse of alcohol and other substances in patients with schizophrenia

Hickey, William
Interim Chair

Kisselev, Alexei
Targeting proteasome's different active sites for drug discovery

Kurokawa, Manabu
Regulation of cell death and chemoresistance in cancer

Lewis, Lionel
Clinical pharmacology of antineoplastic agents

Liby, Karen
Development of new drugs for prevention of chronic diseases

Lowrey, Christopher
Pharmacologic induction of fetal hemoglobin

Marsit, Carmen
Novel molecular biomarkers in population-based health research

Miller, Todd
Translational breast cancer research and mechanisms of therapeutic resistance

Nierenberg, David
Clinical pharmacology of methotrexate and other antineoplastic agents

Roebuck, Bill
Drugs and other chemicals found in foods that prevent the development of cancer, especially liver cancer

Sanchez, Yolanda
Pathways that protect genomic integrity and genetic platforms for cancer drug discovery

Shworak, Nicholas
The role of polysaccharides in cardiovascular health and disease

Spaller, Mark
Chemical biology of peptides and proteins

Spinella, Michael
Therapy of cancer and cancer stem cells

Sporn, Michael
Development of new drugs to prevent disease

Tomlinson, Craig
AHR in developmental and trans-generational gene/environment interactions

Adjunct Faculty

DeLeo, Joyce
Neuroimmunology of acute/chronic pain and brain tumors

Hwa, John
The structure and function of G-protein coupled receptors

Martin, Kathleen
Differentiation of vascular smooth muscle