Courtney Schiebout

Hometown: Denver, Colorado

Undergraduate institution: University of Missouri - Columbia

Undergraduate major: Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences

My research interests are: My general interests center around the intersection of microbiology and immunology in computational biology. I'm excited to pursue these interests during my rotations this year.

Thesis advisor: : H. Robert Frost

Advisor's Lab: Frost Lab

Research in Progress Title or Thesis Title?: Cell-Typing Immune Cell Populations Using Single-Cell Analysis Methods

Career track: Academia

I have technical expertise in : Python, R, C++, Bash, Cell Culture, Mouse Handling

Other professional accomplishments of note:

PREVIOUS WORK EXPERIENCE NASA Glenn Research Center Bioinformatics Intern Donald Danforth Plant Science Center Computational Scientist Saint Louis University Research Assistant University of Missouri - Columbia Genetics and Physiology Tutor Publications Identifying and Tracking Low-Frequency Virus-Specific TCR Clonotypes Using High-Throughput Sequencing Poster Presentations Germy People on Subways: A MetaSUB Study for CAMDA (2018, International Conference on the Critical Assessment of Massive Data Analysis, Chicago, IL) iCAT: TCR Sequence Analysis Pipeline for Diagnostic Assessment of Immunological History (2018, Saint Louis University Graduate Research Symposium, Saint Louis, MO)

Fellowships, Awards, Poster Sessions: Burroughs-Wellcome Fellow QBS Advisory Committee Student Representative QBS Excellence in Teaching Assistance Award Recipient

Links to publications:

I chose QBS because: I immediately felt at home when I visited. The interdisciplinary and collaborative research coupled with the friendly students and faculty made QBS the natural choice for me.

Recreational Interests: I enjoy exploring the great outdoors with my dog.

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