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Faculty Affairs

Reimbursement from Academic Enhancement Funds

For posters, platforms, or other presentations of scholarship conducted at CHaD, the Department of Pediatrics will sponsor the participation of the primary presenter of the work:

For residents and medical students from Department Academic Enhancement funds: travel, lodging for up to the length of the conference and meeting registration.

For faculty members, from section Academic Enhancement funds (unless the grant which funds the scholarship includes travel for presentation of the work in its budget): travel, 2 nights lodging and meeting registration.

Reimbursement Request

Medical students will need to complete a W9 form and submit along with itemized receipts to the

Form W-9 (rev October 2018)

Residents and faculty members should submit itemized receipts by email to the

Advancement and Promotion

For template CV documents, and information about Appointments, Promotions, and Titles at Geisel, visit the Geisel Faculty Handbook

Contact the Pediatric Advancement and Promotions Committee (including submission of CV for consideration)

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