Cancer Reporting Rules

The "Chronic Disease Prevention, Assessment, and Control Act" became law on July 1, 1985, establishing the New Hampshire State Cancer Registry (Chapter 141-B: 5).

The New Hampshire Administrative Rules that describe cancer reporting expectations in detail can be found on the DHHS/HSDM website. These administrative rules were last updated in January 2016.

For individual providers to report cancer cases to NHSCR, please either contact us to hear how cases may be reported electronically, or download the paper form - NHSCR Reporting Form.

The NHSCR has an innovative, two-phase reporting system. An initial rapid report provides the most elemental aspects of case identification and is submitted within 45 days of diagnosis. A definitive case report is transmitted within 180 days from the date of diagnosis, and includes more detailed information, such as treatment and staging information. Timely reporting is essential for registry activities.