Information for Non-Hospital Reporters

The NHSCR compiles information from health care facilities that is vital to the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of cancer. Health care facilities including hospitals, pathology laboratories, ambulatory surgery centers, freestanding cancer clinics, and physician offices are required by law to provide basic information about cancer cases in NH to the NHSCR: Facts about the NHSCR


Updates aim to keep reporters informed of registry activities and updates.

Cancer Reporting

Physicians, freestanding oncology clinics, path labs, and other non-hospital facilities should report cancer cases in one of two ways:

  1. Web Plus
  2. Cancer Report Form

Periodic audits to non-hospital facilities are performed by the NHSCR staff. During non-hospital audits, the NHSCR staff follow a specific procedure to ensure that cancer cases that are reportable to the state of NH are captured. Learn more about the NHSCR’s efforts on increasing non-hospital reporting.

Please contact us if you would like more information on reporting requirements and procedures.