Information for Researchers

Several cancer data resources are available, providing customizable aggregate data downloads for individual states.

NH cancer incidence and mortality data are published available to approved researchers for a variety of research projects. Investigators who want to use registry data for research must apply to the NH Division of Public Health Services whose data release committee meets periodically to review these applications. Researchers may contact the NHSCR for help understanding which data are best for their project or for help completing the data release application. The NHSCR has an innovative, two-phase reporting system. An initial rapid report provides the most elemental aspects of case identification and is submitted within 45 days of diagnosis. A definitive case report is transmitted within 180 days from the date of diagnosis, and includes more detailed information, such as treatment and staging information.

NHSCR data are used to publish reports on cancer rates, and can be used for research. See here.

For researchers to obtain non confidential data (e.g. aggregate data), researchers need this form.

To obtain confidential NHSCR data for research, researchers need:

  1. A completed data request form.
  2. The appropriate IRB approval certification from your institution.
  3. A completed Data Use Agreement.

There are also forms to obtain approval for continued data use and to terminate the study:

A practical note: Generally, NH DHHS requires approval from the researcher's host institution's Committee for the Protection of Human Subjects (Institutional Review Board). To save time, the researcher may apply to NH DHHS and the host IRB concurrently. Data release is then conditional upon (1) approval by the NH DHHS data release committee and (2) receipt by the NH DHHS data release committee of a copy of the host institution's IRB approval letter.